Template A29

Hello People,

    It's been years, decided to submit something new, fluid design as usual. Rounded corner div-cake banner, ad/nav banner, & footer; faux full-height side-columns, indented subtopic navs, google search and translate forms (just set your domain name), and horizontal list navs (centered & floated). Rendirs in Dreamweaver, Opera, FF, and IE perfectly, and so the layout seems fairly solid. Used Fireworks to make the rounded images, slice & dice, and then set them as backgrounds in nested divs. The rounded corners aren't transparent, but can be accomplished as I did in template 16, by adding pad into the nesting. Blah, Blah, what else, well, humor, the logo, the Scales of Justice is a prophetic thing, that there did appear a man with the scales; justice, law, judgement, as the sound of the trumpet. For newbies, easily personalized and customized using the Free Amaya Web Editor; The W3C Official Web Editor/Browser [coder or designer (wysiwyg) modes]: Best Freeware - Open Source - Stand Alone - Web Page Composer (For Win, Mac, or Linux).

    This template is absolutely free, open source, with absolutely no strings attached. Download here.